3-step beauty regime

A unique ritual. Kérastase created a customized 3-step beauty routine: cleanse, treat and texturize with carefully-conceived methods for beautifying the hair. These simple steps constitute a targeted, in-salon treatment which establishes a ritual haircare routine that women can do in-home with Kérastase products.

1. Cleanse

Vidéo étape 1 : Cleanse

The sensorial, luxurious lather of our bains preps the hair by washing away impurities while maintaining the hair fiber’s natural integrity. The hair fiber is instantly left smooth and polished.

2. Treat

Vidéo étape 2 : Treat

This in-depth, luxurious conditioning treatment transforms hair instantly as soon as the application begins. This step is designed to address hair’s target problem areas.

3. Texturize

Vidéo étape 3 : Texturize

Designed to lock-in the targeted benefits of the regimen, this leave-in step is the foundation to effectively shield  the hair fiber from any styling damage and shape the style with a long lasting, luminous finish.

Prepare for your in-salon appointment Prepare for your salon appointment by determing which treatments suit your hair type and by selecting an exceptional location where a professional awaits you.

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