"Red Carpet" couture styling by Luigi Murenu

Discover, step-by-step, Luigi Murenu's tutorial to recreate the look featured by Kate Moss.

Couture Styling

  • Styling results : Volumizing, texturizing, shine. Ideal for fine hair
  • Fixation : Strong
  • Style : Forme Fatale ensures perfect hold. This innovative blow dry gel with an extra-fine texture and golden micro-particles perfectly shapes fine hair to give it the desired style. With lasting hold.

The Luigi Touch :

Luigi's touche 

« After shampooing and carefully towel drying, gently melt the gel into the hair. Lift the roots
with a brush while blow drying. »

Luigi Murenu,
An inspiring guide

Luigi Murenu is the uncontested master of customized hairstyles
that display sophisticated dynamism and a unique look executed with precision. Styling is seen as an extension of the woman herself rather than just an accessory.

Luigi : 
"As an artist, my work is about pushing boundaries, trying or testing everything.
But even when it’s very elaborately styled, structured and sprayed, like it is on the runway, hair has to express movement. No matter how excentric it might be, a hairstyle should never look like a wig! A woman’s hairstyle expresses her personality and that’s what I like to highlight. It’s a living, breathing extension of who she is, just like her skin! I always keep that idea in mind while I work.
I travel a great deal and I also go out a lot. Art exhibits, books, films, plays—everything inspires me! I feel like I’m a sponge that absorbs every vibrant thing around me. The street, with all those men and women with such singular personalities, is also an endless source of ideas. You just have to know how to look at it all."


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