Where can I buy Kérastase products in professional sizes (economy size)?

Kérastase professional-sized products are reserved for Kérastase hair consultants and are not available for sale to individuals.

Can I get samples of Kérastase products?

All product selections depend on your Kérastase hair consultant.

This is why we cannot send you samples of our products.


Can I get a catalog of Kérastase products?

We do not send product catalogs to homes. However, the At-Home Programs section on our website allows you to view Kérastase products by range and by sub-range. You can then print the pages that interest you.

What are the prices of Kérastase products?

No price catalog is available. Please contact your Kérastase hair consultant for the prices of products you are interested in.

Can I use Kérastase products from different ranges?

There is no contraindication for using Kérastase products from different ranges. We do recommend, however, that you request a complete hair diagnosis from your Kérastase hair consultant, who will be able to recommend suitable products.


Can I buy Kérastase products online or by mail order?


Kérastase products may not be purchased online or by mail order: we believe that your Kérastase hair consultant alone has the expertise required to recommend the products best suited to your scalp and hair.

Where can I buy Kérastase products?

Each country has a Kérastase website that features a Salon Locator, which will provide you with the Kérastase hair consultants located nearest you based on your personal information. All Kérastase hair consultants are authorized to sell our products.


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