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Multi-protection range for color-treated hair with CHROMATIQUE range

Whether it’s to cover their grey hair to look younger or to dare a cool and bright blond to feel glamorous, women with color-treated hair make an intimate choice every time, one that is a true reflection of their personality. A personality to uphold by offering their hair the best in care and protection to maintain a vibrant color.

Chroma Absolu empowers you to color with confidence since its formula, packed with three types of healing acids, tackles three layers of damage. The first is fiber porosity, that causes color to fade faster. The second is color induced frizz that can make hair more difficult to style. Whilst the third is hair oxidation that can happen over time - think unwanted brassy and red tones in your previously perfect hair color.


The mix and match range was created to suit different types of color users. So whether you love experimenting, are constantly covering your roots or love experiencing with your dark hair, there’s a routine for you.


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