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The Finest Ingredients On Earth

Exploring Sacred marula oil, ginger root extract and edelweiss flower which are amazing ingredients benefit on the hair.



Widely used for thousands of years, ginger is a perennial tropical grass that originated in Asia. Its fleshy and aromatic rhizomatous stem is known for its value in both cooking and healing. Coming from Madagascar, this Ginger extract is obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction, a green chemistry method often used in the pharmaceutical domain. This low-temperature, solvent-free procedure respects active ingredients derived from plants.

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a natural super oil venrated for its weightless nutrition & anti-oxydant protection powers. High concentrations of essential fatty acids, Vitamins C&E. Highest levels fo anti-oxidants delivers intense protection without weighting fiber down. The MARULA fruit born from the MARULA tree - a natural rarity having both male and female species. The prolific female tree ,long worshiped by African tribes as a symbol of lust ,sensuality and feminity. The sacred oil extracted in a timeless hand-pressing method ,has been ritualize for centuries for its countless miraculous virtues to sublimate skin & hair.



Edelweiss is a herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family that grows spontaneously on the mountain of the Pyrenees, Alps and Himalayas. Rare and strictly protected, it has become, through its characteristic star-shaped appearance, the symbol of alpine flora where it is known as the "Queen of the Mountain". As edelweiss grows in harsh climates, it produces a large number of active substances like Leontopodic acid that help protect against the elements such as UV rays.

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